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It has been my dream to create a business academy FOREVER! It was originally scheduled for 2024, but my Video on Upflip created an influx of people that wanted help now, so let's do this!

GREAT NEWS! I have decided to keep the Academy price at $69/month until I load all the additional goodies into the academy! If you have already enrolled at this rate you are locked in forever! My gift to you for believing in me. Thank you. 

I am a big promoter of not waiting for things to be perfect to make something happen. So here I am practicing what I preach. You get to be a part of helping me build Blk Sunflower Academy in real-time. 

Things will change, and we will learn together. I am here to learn from you as well. I want everyone in this academy to become the best version of themselves and become badass entrepreneurs. I don't want to make it look easy, I want to make it look possible!  Want to learn more about me? Check out my bio below, and I hope to see you inside the academy. 

Stay Motivated!

- Coach Jaz

Let us help you grow, innovate, and elevate your business.

Check out everything you get!

  • Access to our Video Library
  • Live Online Classes Starting at $10 
  • Get Access to Classes for Life
  • Interactive Learning Community
  • Live Business & Instagram Account Assessments 
  • Group and 1:1 Coaching (Coming 2023)
  • Make Learning Easy with Access Via an App!

Past Classes

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